Low hCG

After spotting all weekend, we thought it best to bump up our first OB appointment to Monday morning. It’s no good to have a bad feeling already and then be told that your urine test only showed a very very very faint line (nor to be told this by a nurse who could stand to work on her bedside manner. Note to nurse: no, it’s not okay to eat your granola bar in the exam room. I don’t care how hungry you are).

Because we have no LMP date (my period never happened after stopping birth control), an early ultrasound was done. So early they think that time is the reason to blame for there being no gestational sac to be seen. This only adds to my worry. By my count, we should be at 5 weeks already…

Making matters worse is our hCG count: 59. If it’s supposed to double, give or take, every 48 hours, and a 25 or so is needed to earn that hopeful + on a home pregnancy test, wouldn’t our number since the 13th have to be higher?

48 hours. Then we’ll know if our numbers double, or if they dwindle in the dust.


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