The Wait

More than anything, losing our first pregnancy seems like a waste of time. We must now wait at least until a healthy period comes and goes next month, if it comes next month.

We must wait and see if after that period, we can pinpoint ovulation and get conception right that first month ’round: 2 days, give or take. That’s the short window of opportunity: it’s a miracle anyone gets pregnant in the first place.

Then there are the anxious weeks ridiculously waiting to pee on a stick. And more weeks for official test results, which may or may not tell us, this time, what we hope to hear.

When we get it right, when the time comes, I’ll be buying this onesie. Because the wait, having known that had all gone well the first time we’d already be tens of weeks in will be grueling, but I know the outcome, whenever it happens, will be precious.


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