The Short of It

Okay, so I sorta lied to Sofia, the wonderful soul who does my hair over at the fabulous Ft. Lauderdale Elite Group, but she really gave me no choice.  The second I sat down at her chair, asking her to transform my long hair into a ‘do like the one in either two pictures, she smelled a rat.

Victoria Beckham

Jenny McCarthy

And who could blame her?  What woman hasn’t chopped her hair off after some emotional distress?

First she asked if I was pregnant, to which I said “no” (this was not a lie). But then she asked if “anything else” was going on, emotionally speaking.  And what did I reply?  “Of course not!  Just ready for a change is all.” Only a partial lie really. 

No damage done, after all.  I’m in love with my new sassyfrassy locks, as my husband calls them.  And I was honest in the end when she asked, when it was all said and done, if we were ready to start a family.  “Oh yes, yes.”  The perfect look then, she called it.  A little edgy and not too soccer mom-ish.  How cute would I look, so skinny and with a big ‘ol belly?  Cute, I hope, but not so skinny.  I’m not working on shedding the pounds here.  Just some inches.


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  1. Crys said,

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Oh! I wish I could see it. I also am dying to chop off my long locks too. I worry that it’s just what I’m going through right now so I’m waiting it out.

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