Preschool Bento

Today I am daydreaming that in time I will master making onigiri, shaping eggs into little rabbit heads and cutting cheese in tiny star shapes. 

Then I could send my little munchkin off to school with enticing bento lunch boxes, like these darling Wendy Copley ones:

Wouldn’t you love your lunch too, if someone went through the trouble of making it look like this?


Bring in ‘da Poop

Benefiber, I love you: you make me poop!

You and all the fruits and vegetables in the world making their way through my bowels. 

A call to the doctor’s office brought up the possibility of suppositories if the pipes did not get moving as they should, so as you can imagine, this girl is out to avoid that at all costs.   Keep bringing ‘da funk!

How Big Is Baby?

So big! (Or so little!)

My Body Equals…

(Image Credit disneymike)

…a limp noodle.

So it’s official: this pregnancy is kicking my ass.

Mama Mio!

Am I to really believe there is a magical elixir for stretch marks?  Alas, probably not.  My poor boobies already bear those silvery streaks from that year in 8th or 9th grade when they thought it cute to grow overnight, literally.  Sigh. So I’m aware this pregnancy will not leave me unscathed.  But I’m prepared to fool myself.

First gift for this mama in the mail?  Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil and Boob Tube.  They way I see it, you can’t go wrong with something called the boob tube, ‘ya know?   And my new mommy niece recommends the line of products, so I’m game.

Not hurting one bit is the 20% off coupon code that arrived in my inbox this week. Enter MAMACRAVE at checkout: good for a few more days, ’til midnight, Thursday 7/24/8.

Spanish Lesson

(Gracias for the congrats and mirth in response to our good news dear readers!  You bring me such joy.  Here’s hoping I bring you some right back) 🙂

One running joke in our house is that adding “-o” to any word lets any red blooded American like my husband easily speak my native tongue. This is the way in the movies.  That, of course, and screaming.

I find the effect more amusing in the way it makes everything sound so pronounced.  As such, the most-oft used foreign words ’round these parts this week would be gas-o and bloat-o because, no joke, this “belly” at just over 4 weeks is something out of this world indeed:

I have no “before” picture to show, but let me swear to you: that wasn’t there before.

A better joke now is how naive I seem to be about what pregnancy does to the human body, in particular what it’s doing to mine.  Honestly, no one tells you about — well, let’s call it what it is — the farting.  The one or two lines in the books mentioning flatulence don’t really do it justice, do they?  ‘Cause I’m talking about better let one go or writhe miserably in pain.  This spells the end of evening cereal bowls for me. 

And well, I was prepared for a belly at, oh, 12+ weeks.  But this is an I-swallowed-an-alien gut by all accounts already. 

Sigh.  Lucky girls talking about symptoms not starting ’til 6 weeks.  6 weeks my ass-o. 

Sticky Business

Bah, I never got around to blogging yesterday.

But it was such a day. 

First, I had to go out and get my decaf. 

Then it was time to humor two teenage girls at the bookstore who rung up my purchase.  My, with what glee they wanted to know if it was a gift or not. 

Whether they were just being good employees making sure I got a gift receipt if needed or just doing as girls do we’ll never know for sure.  But I’m thinking their giggling gave them away.

Then I seriously needed to nap. 

And when I woke, Craig and I danced the afternoon away in the living room of our apartment.

Then I practically ate the whole apartment. 

Because I was that hungry.

And consequently, probably, quite bloated.

And apparently…

so pregnant.


I tell you these news, my readers, so very early on just barely 4 weeks in because all of you have been so kind from the start.  The hope is, of course, for a “sticky” baby this time around.  Whatever happens, this is my story.  And I share it with you.

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