Preschool Bento

Today I am daydreaming that in time I will master making onigiri, shaping eggs into little rabbit heads and cutting cheese in tiny star shapes. 

Then I could send my little munchkin off to school with enticing bento lunch boxes, like these darling Wendy Copley ones:

Wouldn’t you love your lunch too, if someone went through the trouble of making it look like this?


No Girls Allowed

Today I am daydreaming of a litte boy running circles round this toy teepee, stashing who-knows-what in there or maybe crawling in with books to hide and daydream himself, too. 


Dad Quixote’s daydream differs.   He gathers up his son and whispers in his ear, conspires to steal mom’s good sheets when she’s not looking, then drape them cross the sofa.  Living room furniture rearrangement is a must: tunnels are essential.  And of course, girls are not allowed.  After all, this is a fort, not a princess castle.  And girls have the stinky talent of making everything pretty.

They’re not the most politically correct of daydreams, I’ll give you that.  But they are dreams of playing with our children yet-to-come and there isn’t much censoring in that.

Cooking Parties

Today I’m daydreaming about the parties we’ll have for our daughter and her friends (if it’s a girl, if everything goes well with this pregnancy). Parties in gorgeous pinks, greens, blues and yellows; parties with frothy icings and sugary cupcakes, and perfect afternoon winter sunshine coming through the windows; a party like this one via Flickr for the daughter of Jackie Rueda, award-winning Canadian author of the Casi en Serio blog: