119 BPM

We love our OB, and how could we not? Within minutes of general talk the man opened his mouth again and uttered the most wonderful words: “maybe we could do a sonogram today for you guys.” Cue the choir!

There was the sweet pea in all it 7 mm glory, with a healthy yolk sac to boot (that would be the big fat circle my husband partially mistook for an enormously large baby head.  Alas, he was almost afraid to admit it, thinking I would freak out at our baby’s perfectly circular and disproportionate noggin’.) 

For my part, I neither have ever been able to make out a darn thing in a sonogram.  But what I can do is hear and did we ever hear the thump thump thumping of our nugget’s 119 beats per minute heart. Craig and I took one look at each other upon hearing that sound and knew our own hearts had just melted in response.  It was, in short, a dream.  And in six weeks, we’ll get to live the dream again.