12 Weeks

I survived the first trimester (almost: 1 and a half weeks to go, technically).

Actually, I cannot even claim to have been that sick, although week 11 was rough again after a nice break there for a week or two. 

Really, it’s just hard to keep up with blogging what with work and all: and here I thought I would always be a good little blogger — yeah right!  Hats off to all the mom bloggers out there.

But you have all been so lovely, leaving comments here and there making sure we were alright, and we are.  We’re especially giddy today since all looked so good at our NT scan/12 week ultrasound.  Check out our littlest sprout:

You see those long legs? I bet I’ll be feeling those kicks REAL soon.

Sprout’s heartbeat was a healthy 158 bpm and the NT measurement came in at 1.5 or so millimeters, which is a good thing they say.  Now we wait 3 more weeks for the second set of blood tests and hopefully our minds as to risk will be put to ease!

Second trimester here I come!